Postal services? Not so much…

I’m so angry.

This year my family and I have decided not to celebrate Christmas at all. Long story. Only one person outside the family ever gives me Christmas presents and this year too, he had sent me a gift from Amazon.

We recently moved and the post office (not really a post office these days, just a shop, but anyway…) is so far away from were we actually live. It would take me at least half a day to get there and back and sometimes a lot more. So I found out that there’s a way to get stuff sent out to your house. They said they’d send my package the following day so since I wouldn’t be home, I asked my sister to keep an eye and an ear out and open when the mailman knocked on the door. She did sit next to the window on Friday and Monday and no one came.

On Friday evening, until the postal services closed, I was on the phone trying to find out what went wrong, and they were giving me the runaround and eventually hung up on me. Then tonight I find that these morons sent the package back to Amazon, because they couldn’t deliver it.

Why not? How could they not deliver it? My sister was there. No one came to the house. It won’t fit in our mailbox so they couldn’t even have tried to do that, unless they’re even more stupid than I thought they were.

They say our address is incomplete. Really? We can find it alright on the yellow pages online. The trouble is, and this is the postal services’ own fault, that we have an address that is quite similar to another address very close by. Not our fault. So did those morons try to deliver it to the neighbour? Did they just lie and got rid of my package?

This is usually a very nice place. I love it here. Compared to where we lived before, this is heaven. People are very nice. Usually. But clearly not the post office people.